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12 Month Warranty

Our Approach

Buying a refurbished product does not mean compromising on quality.

At, we only sell A grade refurbished electronics. Every item sold goes through rigorous testing to ensure premium quality.

Should any device component require a replacement, its part is replaced only with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components.

Our specialized refurbishing team is based in Montreal, Canada.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

KnowRefurb guarantees satisfaction of device performance and quality.

The device hardware - upon receipt - should be in near-brand new condition. The operating system software, out of the box, should be running optimally. Device buttons and touchscreen should respond accurately and swiftly.

For at least twelve months following your purchase, your device hardware and software should function in the same condition as when your received.

Our Warranty Policy

If your device does not meet our satisfaction guarantee, we will replace your purchase, within 12 months from date of purchase.
All claims will be handled in accordance with our Fraud Prevention Policy

Last updated: 2018-02-22